Welcome to YMC
YMC is confident that our strategy of listening to our customers and meeting their needs will bring further growth to YMC. Our high-level quality system insures the integrity and reproducibility of our products and services and allows YMC to meet and exceed our customer's needs and expectations.
YMC maintains a creative,innovative and challenging spirit throughout the company and utilizes the latest in chemical technology to bring the best possible products to the marketplace.

In Focus

Main Business Activities

Main Business Activities
  • Packing materials for high Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Custom purification, synthesis & separation
  • Separation and production of organic chemicals
  • Packed columns for analysis
  • HPLC components, systems&equipment
  • Equipment related to High-performance liquid chromatography
  • Contract research upon request
  • Pilot plant for separation
  • Manufacturing and sales of analysis device
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