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Packing material


   Enabling highly efficient and cost effective purification

YMC offers various products, such as HPLC packing materials with high performance, ion exchange media suitable for the purification of biopharmaceuticals, and chiral separation packing materials. To select the optimal packing materials from the wealth of our products, the separation mode and particle size are considered to enable purification of various components, such as small molecules, large molecules (including peptides and proteins), and chiral compounds. YMC provides total solutions for preparative chromatography, such as preparative HPLC systems and preparative biochromatography systems, together with



Organic/inorganic hybrid silica based packing materials with excellent durability


Silica based packing materials/various functional groups are available


Packing materials with polysaccharide derivatives chiral selector

BioPro (Ion exchange

Suited for purification of biopharmaceuticals, proteins and oligonucleotides

   Production system/quality control

YMC can produce packing materials on the scale of 50 tons/year. Thorough quality control of the packing materials is carried out for excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility. YMC packing materials are valued highly in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, foods, and chemicals, all over the world. DMF (Drug Master File) registration indicates the high level of reliability of YMC products.
The reproducibility of retention time among 10 lots of packing materials

   Preparative chromatography

   Self packing empty columns p

Glass columns

    High pressure resistance (Pressure limit: 2.5-8 MPa)
    Various scales available from lab scale to preparation (5-50 mmI.D.)

    Use in medium pressure (Pressure limit: 1-3 MPa)
    Various scales available from lab scale to preparation scale (10-80 mmI.D.)

Preparative dynamic axial compression columns

    Dynamic axial compression columns
    Various scales available from 50 mmI.D. to industrial scale (5-50 mmI.D.)
    Excellent durability and reproducibility by applying continuous compression

SB columns
    Self-packed axially compressible preparative columns
    Cost effective provided by self-packing
    Maintains great durability utilizing manual pressurization using screw bolts

Disposable columns

    Low priced plastic type empty columns
    Please contact us about details