SB Columns

SB products are statically compressed cost effective preparative columns which enable convenient self-packing. Tightening screw bolts the upper flange yields a compressed packing bed. Not only dry packing but also wet (slurry) packing is possible by attaching a column packing extender (optional).

Superior column performance and reproducibility provided by high density packing.

Maintains great durability utilizing manual pressurization using screw bolts.

Cost effective provided by self-repacking.

Packing service (optional) is available with YMC’s preparative packing materials.

Column packing extender (optional) and column stand (optional) are available.

Model SB-50 SB-70 SB-100 SB-150 SB-200
Inner diameter (φ,mm) 50 70 100 150 200
Pressure limit (MPa) 10 7 7 5 5
Column length (mm) 250 / 500
Column bed length (mm) 200-300 / 450-550
Optional Column packing extender
Column stand