YMC School of Chromatography

YMC School of Chromatography

For a modern world continuing education is an absolute must. This is independent from the position one holds; training will improve the skills of every individual. Especially in the complex and cost intensive field of liquid chromatography, improved skills will result in better efficiency, safety and reliability of their daily work.

YMC School of chromatography- Skill Development training courses can provide an overview on the basics of HPLC- method development, purification of compounds and their characterization. WE provide chromatography open access to new industry professionals, research scholars, recent graduates and students with our wide range of short term / midterm classroom and Lab based Courses.

Moreover, YMC encourage participants to come up with innovative ideas to design their own projects with the help of YMC Technical Experts advice and guidance to design and execution of live Projects at YMC R&D Centre.Equipments Handling: HPLC and UPLC/UHPLC method development, Preparative / Flash Purification & UHPLC- MS (Multimode).


Skill Development programs are to provide necessary and basic skills required for every individual in the field of chromatography techniques with hands on experience on key instrumentation.

Moreover, YMC encourage participants to come up with innovative ideas, where the ideas will be designed and turned to live projects with the help of YMC Technical Experts at our R&D Centre located at Hyderabad. Trainees will have access to Instrumentation like HPLCs, UHPLC, Preparative / Flash Purification systems and UHPLC- Mass System (Multimode).


To refine the technical skills and to attain a better grasp of fundamental principles behind scientific methods. Enhance research skills and prepare the participants for their future academic and Industry assignments.

Target Group:

Candidates who have completed / pursuing masters in different disciplines of life Science (B.Sc /M.Sc/ B.Pharm / M.Pharm) recent graduates and employees working in Chemical/Pharma/Biotech industry startups.


  • One to one interaction with the chromatography experts.
  • Exposure to outstanding research facilities.
  • Value addition to the existing knowledge.
  • Opportunity to interact with the faculty members of YMC to plan future directions.
  • Focus Areas of this Program:

  • Good laboratory Practices.
  • Introduction to HPLC, Flash/ Preparative and UHPLC-MS systems.
  • Hands on training - live projects
  • Training Modules are arranged for the duration of TWO Weeks, ONE month and THREE Months- LEVEL 1,2 and 3.
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    Teaching Faculty:

  • Dr.G.SrinivasaRao
  • Mr.Althaf Hussain
  • Mr. Kiran
  • Dr. Kishore
  • and few Guest faculties from Industry and Institutions.
  • **Certification by YMC on successful completion of the course**

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