Biopharmaceutical Applications

YMC has been a leading chromatography systems technology supplier for years, which has been selected time and again by Biopharma industries to be their supplier. YMC’s track record has been proven by the success on multiple installations, making customers confident enough to approach our company again and again.

YMC range of products finds applications in the following processes in the Biopharmaceutical markets:

  • mAbs
  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Cannabinoids
  • Transgenics
  • Vaccines
  • RNA
  • Oligo & peptides
  • ADC’s

Leading The market with Quality, Design & Customized Solutions:

YMC routinely develops new designs, solutions, and equipment to advance processing and control trends such as batch processing and the move from batch to continuous processes. With a wide variety of products, from pilot- to some of the world’s largest and most advanced production-scale operations, YMC has been chosen to serve the top Biopharma companies.

Using Chromacon’s patented technology YMC is able to significantly improve the output of chromatography applications in biopharmaceutical field in terms of yield and purity, ease-of-use and scalability.

Increasing productivity of mAb purification: faster processing and significant savings of buffer and expensive Protein A resin enable a competitive edge in mAb purification, facilitated by ChromaCon’s optimized two-column PCCopt process (CaptureSMB). The CaptureSMB process can seamlessly be scaled up to pilot- and process-scale with the EcoPrime Twin systems from YMC.

High yield at target purity - HPLC: Synthetic peptides, small molecules from fermentation or natural product extractions (Stevia, Flavonoides, Cannabinoids, fish oil) and other small molecule compounds of natural origin or from recombinant production are purified to high yield at target purity applying ChromaCon's MCSGP technology for HPLC applications.

High yield at target purity - FPLC: Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) are often produced by non-specific conjugation resulting in a broad distribution of Drug-Antibody Ratios (DAR). Chromacon's MCSGP technology enables isolation of defined DARs at higher yield and purity.

Purify proteins in one hour: Obtaining purified antibodies or tagged proteins by minimal user input is enabled by the Contichrom Discovery, a FPLC system offering an expandable library of single-column batch and automated multi-step batch purification protocols for antibodies and tagged proteins.

GMP scale-up: YMC markets customized pilot- and process-scale GMP-grade skids featuring ChromaCon's twin-column processes. The GMP skids incorporate multi-functionality allowing to run normal batch processes, CaptureSMB with AutomAb dynamic process control, connected batch processes such as flip-flop and integrated 2-step processes with in-line dilution.

Many of our expert engineers have decades of experience working for leading drug manufacturers and bring with them a keen sensitivity to the quality and operating priorities that are at the heart of our customers' daily concerns.

YMC systems have been recognized globally for their ability to regularly exceed GMP client expectations. We draw from YMC’s nearly 40-year history in supplying critical separations and purification technologies to the world’s largest firms. We can provide full project support, supply you with groundbreaking products, or provide in-place retrofit services.