Pharmaceutical Applications

At YMC, we understand the need to fast track APIs to market and streamline validation activities. That's why we offer you decades of experience meeting the most stringent pharmaceutical demands. Our proven portfolio of HPLC product solutions, developed by a team of engineers who've spent their careers serving your industry, find applications in number of processes related to pharmaceutical industries, which includes but is not limited to:

  • blood plasma products
  • recombinant proteins from microbial production
  • small molecules from fermentation or natural product extractions (Stevia, Flavonoides, fish oil)
  • synthetic peptides
  • complex organic synthesis products

We understand the demands of purity, consistency, and repeatability of purification systems put forth by our customers in pharmaceutical industries and develop systems and processes that can handle these unique set of requirements.

Our range of HPLC resins, DAC columns, packed columns and methods development provides the industries most comprehensive solution from bench to manufacturing.

By working together with Chromacon, YMC is able to bring to you the MCSGP, which maximizes the yield of pure product. This allows for a significant improvement in process economics. MCSGP gives higher yield and purity than batch chromatography.

YMC systems have been recognized globally for their ability to regularly exceed GMP client expectations. We draw from YMC’s nearly 40-year history in supplying critical separations and purification technologies to the world’s largest firms. We can provide full project support, supply you with groundbreaking products, or provide in-place retrofit services.

YMC uses the technology patented by Chromacon to help develop lab scale processes which can then be scaled up. Chromacon has improved the efficiency of chromatography through the introduction of connected and continuous processes and have simplified it through software automation. The details of the technology used is given below.