Partnership Products

GC columns

YMC products has been reputed supplier for robust and superior LC columns. We have been listening to customers & based on the huge demand YMC India decided to launch GC columns under brand name “Y-CAP”. These “Y-CAP’ columns are designed for high efficiency GC, GC-MS low bleeding, FAST and Ultra-FAST GC columns available in all phases and chemistries. All our stationary phases are available for FAST Conventional, Wide-Bore and Multi-dimensional-GC, including solutions and kits for GCxGC for both general-purpose and application-specific GC columns. We also offer the most efficient GC capillary columns with cyclodextrines-based stationary phases for enantiomeric chiral separations. We also offer the customization of columns as per our customer requirements, guaranteed by testing each individual column with highest standards of performance, highest inertness, lowest bleed levels, and tightest column-to-column reproducibility specifications.