YMC provides multipurpose glass columns for all types of liquid chromatography applications, including high pressure, known as ECOPLUS Columns. The columns are available in two versions:

Aqueous buffer version (AB): For applications with aqueous buffers Solvent resistant version (SR): For applications with organic solvents

ECOPLUS Columns are suitable for the entire spectrum of normal phase and reversed phase chromatography as well as biochromatography. The high pressure resistance is guaranteed by a special construction of the column including the locking system (Quick-lock).

The ECOPLUS Columns are made using high precision CNC machines and are put through rigorous quality control tests before they are delivered.

For medium and high pressure applications

Inner Diameters: 5 – 50 mm

Pressure Limits: 80 – 15 bar

For highest reproducibility

Title Document Type Language Phase Type Download
YMC Glass Columns For Laboratory Scale Applications Brochure E Download
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Manual ECOPlus Glass Columns Manual E Download
Manual Handling-Loop for YMC Glass Columns Manual E Download
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