Ion Exchange Resins

Ion exchange media are widely used in the analysis and purification of biomolecules. They have high dynamic binding capacities and high recoveries and are suitable for downstream chromatographic purification processes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The media are based on a hydrophilic polymer matrix, with a particle size of 10 µm, 20 µm, 30 µm and 75 µm. BioPro IEX offers a high dynamic binding capacity (DBC), together with low non-specific adsorption and excellent recovery. BioPro IEX is manufactured in lot sizes up to 450 L.

High Binding capacity

Hydrophilic polymer Matrix

High Recovery

Low nonspecific Adsorption

BioPro IEX
BioPro IEX
BioPro IEX
BioPro IEX
Ion exchange type Strong anion exchanger Strong cation exchanger
Charged group -R-N+(CH3)3 -R-SO3-
Matrix Hydrophilic porous polymer beads
Particle Size [µm] 10, 20, 30 75 10, 20, 30 75
pH range 2 - 12
Ion exchange capacity
[meq/mL resin]
min. 0.08
min. 0.10
min. 0.08
min. 0.10
Dynamic binding capacity
[mg/mL resin]
min. 110 (BSA)
min. 160 (BSA)
min. 110 (lysozyme)
min. 160 (lysozyme)
Compression factor
Typical flow rate
200-1000 cm/h, Max. 2000 cm/h
BioPro IEX 75 µm features   Intermediate purification and polishing

Excellent dynamic binding capacity (DBC)


Solution for challenging separations

Low non-specific adsorption and high recovery


Increase productivity

High capacity with low operating  pressure even

at high flow rates


Reduced processing costs

Full compliances with GMP requirements


Short delivery time for industrial-scale quantities

Short delivery for industrial-scale quantities


Full compliance with GMP regulations

Reduced  processing costs



YMC Mission Statement

YMC provides separation technology for the entire lifecycle of pharmaceutical compounds.

YMC will never knowingly change any product that is being used in a validated production process or validated analytical method.

Worldwide availability, FDA/GMP

Regulatory support file avaible under non-disclosure agreement. Use in validated cGMP-manufacturing processes. Customised material avaible on request. DMF registerd with FDA.



Antibody Purification Protein Purification Peptide Purification
Trastuzumab Histones Insulin
Bevacizumab Interferon  
IgG, antibody variants Factor VIII, Factor IX  

High Dynamic Binding Capacity: The dynamic binding capacity of BioPro IEX is excellent even at high flow rates. This results in higher sample loading in your preparative process.

Cleaning in Place: BioPro IEX is well suited for alkaline CIP procedures.

Stability towards alkaline conditions: The high chemical stability of BioPro IEX resins allows effective cleaning and economic purifications.

Scalability across All Particle Sizes: The consistent performance across all particle sizes is advantageous for seamless method transfer between particle sizes.

BioPro IEX S75 is well suited for alkaline CIP procedures. The dynamic binding capacity (DBC) and the selectivity are unaffected by 20 cycles of CIP with 1.0 M NaOH. The recovery of proteins is maintained at 100%, which demonstrates the absence of nonspecific adsorption of proteins of this hydrophilic resin.

Cleaning-in-place (CIP) is essential for the economic use of packed chromatography columns. Efficient cleaning procedures increase the lifetime of the separation process and thereby contribute to the overall cost effectiveness. Furthermore, powerful CIP procedures strongly increase the safety and productivity of every downstream process.

IEX resins from YMC are fully compatible to typical CIP procedures. As an example, CIP studies have been performed using NaOH solutions with BioPro IEX S75/IEX Q75 as well as with BioPro IEX SmartSep S30/Q30. All YMC IEX resins maintain their performance valueseven after 100 CIP cycles.

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