YMC Pilot Columns

YMC Pilot columns are designed for use in pilot and production scale applications with organic solvents (SR version) or aqueous buffers (AB version). YMC Pilot Columns are suitable for all common separation modes in liquid chromatography which includes normal phase, reversed phase or ion-exchange chromatography.

YMC Pilot columns are available in custom sizes on request For temperature sensitive applications, YMC Pilot columns are available with a heating/cooling jacket made of glass.

For RP/NP and BioLC applications

IDs up to 450 mm ID

Stainless steel versions available

Heating/Cooling jacket as an option

Column Portfolio

Parameter Standard Columns
Inner Diameters [mm] 100, 140, 200, 300
Bed Lenghts [mm] 500, 8500
Pressure Range [bar] 10 - 3
Temperature Range [°C] 4 - 40
Title Document Type Language Phase Type Download
YMC-Pilot Columns Brochure E Download
YMC Glass Columns for Lab and Pilot Scale Overview E Download
Questionnaire for YMC Glass Columns (Lab and Pilot Scale) Questionnaire E Download