Partnership Products

Established in 2017, Nexgen Purifications is a technology-based company focused on bringing cutting edge purification products to the pharmaceutical industry for commercial applications. Our product lines include various scavenger formats and can be supplied from a gram to multi-kilogram scale.

Nexgen Purifications is a worldwide leader in metal scavenging products including silica, macroporous resins, and monoliths all of which are available on commercial scale. These scavengers are highly efficient to remove a wide range of spent metal catalysts (Pd, Ru, Zn, Rh, etc) from complex pharmaceutical process streams while maintaining high product yields and purity for your API. Often it is a challenge to reach the required sub-ppm levels, and we provide effective solutions to this challenge. Whether it is a simple filtration or our NEW flow technology, we offer a full range of metal scavengers to suit your needs.