Partnership Products

YMC has tied up Santai Tech. to provide the customers in India with varied options they can choose from for their separation requirements.

Santai Technologies was founded in 2004 to develop separation and purification products and services for professionals and scientists in the pharmaceutical, natural products, fine chemicals and petroleum industries. In 2006, Santai Tech launched first flash chromatography column product line based on its proprietary packing technology. The SepaFlash™ flash column was machine packed with ultra-pure silica gel, and came infive flexible sizes (4 g, 12 g, 40 g, 120 g and 330 g). The columns featured high resolution and reproducibility to satisfy synthetic organic chemists’ separation and purification needs.

In 2007 and 2008, Santai Tech added five more sizes (25 g, 80 g, 220 g, 800 g and 1600g) to its flash column product line to meet customer’s continuous demand to scale up the separation and purification process.