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Dr. Ryuji Yamamura

CEO, YMC Co., Ltd.

Since its inception in 1980, YMC Co Ltd Japan has been working in the rapidly changing field of chemistry in general and chromatography inparticular. YMC Co Ltd has focused its resources in the field of High-pressure liquid chromatography and related technologies. As I believe that the techniques have great contribution to the discovery analysis and purification important chemical substances in Pharma, Biopharma & natural product science.After establishing YMC as reliable and most reputable brand in area of chromatography in Japan, America and Europe and SEA.

Dr. V.K Gupta

CEO, YMC India Pvt. Ltd.

YMC India was established in 2008 with a vision to create a brand value by delivering the BEST quality product, service & support to customers. We have created and maintained an environment where a close relationship with YMC and its end user is nurtured and grown with benefits to each other - a perfect example of symbiotic relationship.YMC India’s biggest strength has always been its dedicated and committed team of people which includes the most technical and qualified people of the industry.


Company Motto

Our company's motto is to make sure fair, accountable and ethical management to protect the profits of employees, customers, vendors, regulators, and society. YMC India follows the laws of the land to the letter and in spirit.


Offering the Best quality support to customers while also creating value for research and development.


Become a global leader developing and providing customers with separation and purification technologies and products.


Strive to contribute to the future of science and human beings by separation and purification technologies.

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